Ugly Cuts / Flowers in the Attic - Split EP

by Ugly Cuts

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Both sides of the split were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tony Esparza in Austin Texas.
Ugly cuts is : Dylan, Jordan, Connor, Alex, and Robby.
Album artwork by the wonderful Lauren Mahoney.


released June 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Ugly Cuts Austin, Texas

emo/screamo from Austin, TX

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Track Name: Better Off(ed)
Its one of those nights that I cant sleep, too busy thinking of last year. And I know that you hate me, but trust me I hated you first.
And this is not how I want things to be, and its just not okay when I feel this way.
Most of my time is spent wishing that I would just disappear.
Most of nights are spent restless, wishing I just wasn't fucking here.
And sometimes I wonder..Do you remember thinking that night, "I"m going to die, I'm going to die." ?
Remember when I drove you to the hospital? We slept in that freezing bed all night, but that was the last time

You were a door, and I was your hinges.
I held you together, but you fell apart again.
And I'm sorry.
I'm so fucking sorry.
Track Name: Only 90's Kids
Don't you act like its harder for you to look me in the eye.
Don't you act likes its okay for you, to just say sorry to me.
So much for best friends.
I'll Just stay in bed, each days the same anyway.
Its so hot the summer wont end, but I'm still cold without you,
I'll just stay inside of my head, maybe then you will go away.
Don't call me cheap, its not like I meant it, we all say stupid shit when we're brokenhearted.
Don't call me cheap its not like I meant it, we say the dumbest shit when we're brokenhearted.

I know you hate me, but I swear, I swear that I'm trying.
I know you hate me, I hate me too, we all have our reasons.
Track Name: Flowers in the Attic - Make Belief
Like a match to Kerosene,
They set you off, so you came tumbling down from your high horse to show them the side that they've never seen before.

You can't adorn something you've done wrong.
With firm beliefs, you may correct your deeds, so make believe.

No matter what you think your sides wrong, I'd know. I know.
Track Name: Flowers in the Attic - Hate You
Forfeit, give up on the closest ones.
Don't hesitate to keep your distance along with your life. Demonstrate, get it right. Now or then, find a friend. You'll survive.

Do I hate you?

Common intrest and with thoughts all in sync, failure didn't seem all that bad to me.

You're running you out,
You're unintresting,
Just bring it to rest.
Leave it out and turn away.

Do I hate you?
Maybe I'd know if I tried,
but I don't care at all.
Do I hate you?