by Ugly Cuts

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2 song demo recorded in our drummers room in March of 2013.

Ugly cuts is : Dylan, Jordan, Connor, Alex, and Robby.

songs written and recorded by Ugly Cuts
sample from Office Space


released April 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Ugly Cuts Austin, Texas

emo/screamo from Austin, TX

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Track Name: "Stupidity, Self Hatred, Further Analysis."
You can't tell me that it is okay for me to feel this way, all of the fucking time, because I am so sick of myself and everyone around me.
Remember the day you left?
You said you'd see me soon and that it would be the same.
You promised, you promised.
But did we even want it to be the same..
Maybe its just all her fault, but I don't want to push blame.
Maybe its because their divorce, but in the end I don't care.
Because I know I will always feel alone, even in a room full of people who pretend to call themselves my friends.
Forget it, who am I kidding?
Its all one big joke isn't it?
Because I know that I..I don't deserve you and the joy that you bring me.
But ill try for you.
Track Name: Bleach Stains
"Hey kid, grow the fuck up."
You say it like its easy.
"Make sure that you don't forget to lock the door on your way out, because we all know how fucking eager you are to leave this all in the rear view mirror of that car."
But it cant be that way, so Ill hate everyday.
I don't care what you have to say, my sky will always look grey.
You're about as cold as this view that's growing old, and its growing obvious you love yourself the way id love to leave.
Two years gone, down the drain,
Just like your last meal.
Just like all of my fake friends.
Just like this heart that wont heal.
Did you even make sure I was asleep?
Maybe you're the one who needs to fucking grow up.
So turn your head and look away cause I know you are all sick of me saying I'm not okay.